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Idea- Free Internet Trick To Get 2G/3G/4G Internet Data For Free

* Idea Free Internet Trick Using Android Mobile :-

Get free internet data by merely using your android device. You have to download an app name Gigato app and after installing it, you will get free internet data by using apps like Whatsapp, facebook etc. You must use facebook, whatsapp or simliar apps from Gigato app and you will be rewarded with free internet data. Moreover you can also earn free internet data by referring your friends in Gigato app.

How To Get?

1.Go This Page  : From Here

2.Enter your mobile number

3.Click on “Get Gigato” and now download and open the app

4.Create new account

5.Enter your name, email etc and apply our referral code – cvp2an(Required)

6.Verify your mobile number

7. Your account will be created and 25MB will be credited in your account.

8.Now use whatsapp, facebook, hike etc from gigato app and earn free internet balance.

8.You can also refer your friends and earn 25MB free internet data by referring friends.

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