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How do I upload signature for Gate Application form?


"Upload a JPEG/JPG file of your signature of maximum pixel resolution 160 x 560 and minimum pixel resolution 80 x 280. Aspect ratio (width : height) has to be between 3.1586 and 4.0360.") . 


1. Open Adobe Photoshop.
2. Create a new file ("ctrl+n").

- You This Type of window.

In the "width" section enter "350" 
    In height section "100" 
    In Resolution change it to "3.3" 

4. After doing these steps you'll be seeing a new blank window.

5.Now drag and drop the signature image into the Photoshop. It will be add into the blank page.
now  adjust the signature picture to be fitted in the 350X100 resolution.

6. Save and Upload.

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